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Taihu Road, Badu Industrial Park, Zhenze Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu  
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Dior Elevator synchronously uses international advanced elevator manufacturing technology and its product structure is novel and unique.

Keywords: passenger elevators | high-speed elevators | sightseeing elevators
Address:Taihu Road, Badu Industrial Park, Zhenze Town, Suzhou, Jiangsu  



Automatic sidewalk

Di’ao’s automatic sidewalk will make shopping most simple and comfortable and send people even with fully loaded trolley to all the areas of the building... View more


Di’ao’s escalator products are designed and manufactured according to the prevailing international and Chinese standard and make full use of new materials... View more

Car elevator

Di’ao’s car elevator makes full use of years of auto manufacturing technology of Deo. We have employed the highly mature voltage... View more

Freight elevator

To facilitate the free entry and exit of large cargo, Di’ao’s freight elevator adopts multi-folding car structure which allows the car door to have the maximum... View more

Home elevator

Di’ao’s home elevator is known for modern, respectable decoration and exceptional visual attraction... View more

Elevator without machine room

Deeply involving with the environmental protection concept, Di’ao’s passenger elevator without machine room... View more
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